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Accounting Services

Our Client’s Success Is Our Business.

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We strive to provide the highest quality of service using top-technology, industry-leading staff members, and offering a one-stop shop to empower all individuals to reach their unthinkable financial goals.  

Providing business owners and the working class with tools to be successful and we are able to offer it at a fraction of the cost because we utilize technology.  

QuickBooks Online Services

QuickBooks Online Set-Up
Teamwork of business team consulting market growth on financial

Can’t get the books to reconcile? Having trouble keeping accurate records? Struggle no more, let us fix it for you! We will review and troubleshoot to find out exactly what is off balance. Isn’t that what bookkeepers are for? Get an expert’s opinion, so you can spend time doing what you love.

QuickBooks Online Correction
Teamwork of business team consulting market growth on financial

Are you getting the most out of your QuickBooks subscription? Call in a Pro Advisor today. We can walk you through step-by-step how to utilize the software, from as simple of a task as creating a check, to project tracking, and all the way to utilizing the mileage tracker on your mobile app. We do it all and can help you identify which tools your team is missing to keep operations running smooth.

QuickBooks Online Migration
Teamwork of business team consulting market growth on financial

Looking to transfer your book to QuickBooks Online without the headache? Let us do it for you. We will rebuild your book YTD and ensure accuracy during this transfer. We do this by reviewing how everything is currently accounted for, making suggestions for accuracy and reporting, as well as working through each month to ensure all is transferred seamlessly. Our goal is to keep your business operations running with ease during this time, ensuring you don’t have to skip a beat!

Recurring Service Packages

Explore Package

Staring at $775 / Month

Our Everest Package is our most inclusive package tailored for companies grossing anywhere from 5-50MM in annual revenue. This package is designed to fill multiple roles (Bookkeeper, Staff Accountant, & Controller) that are needed for companies of that size to manage their accounting. We are able to offer this service at a fraction of the cost that those three salaries would total. This detailed and robust accounting package includes the below and can be partnered with any of our À La Carte Services to reliably outsource and streamline any accounting department.

Expedition Package

Staring at $2,150 / Month

The Expedition Package is for growing companies that have expanding needs and are looking to make their finances a priority. Best for small to mid-size businesses grossing anywhere between 600k-3MM in annual revenue, this package seeks to fulfill multiple roles needed (Bookkeeper, Accountant, & Controller). This inclusive accounting package gives detailed attention to all accounting needs, while also allowing for a lower price point.

Everest Package

Staring at $4,550 / Month

Our Exploration Starter Package is the perfect solution for those looking for the organization of deductions, receipts, and more! Skip the year-end headache, while also setting up a financial foundation for yourself and your business’s future. Best for sole proprietors, single-member LLCs, and Start-Ups in early phases grossing anywhere up to 500k.

Financial Service Add-Ons

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