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Looking to transfer your book to QuickBooks Online without the headache?  Let us do it for you. We will rebuild your book YTD and ensure accuracy during this transfer. We do…

Priced Per Project

Are you getting the most out of your QuickBooks subscription? Call in a Pro Advisor today. We can walk you through step-by-step how to utilize the software, from as simple…

3 members of Financial Consulting Team reviewing data
Priced Per Project

Can’t get the books to reconcile? Having trouble keeping accurate records? Struggle no more, let us fix it for you! We will review and troubleshoot to find out exactly what…

Tax paperwork 1040 form
Priced Per Filing Type

Our qualified professionals offer several benefits, including accurate tax reporting, potential tax savings, reduced stress, and compliance with tax laws. It allows individuals and businesses to focus on their core…

$250 Set-Up & $50/Monthly Filing

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$150 Per Month

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Starting at $775/Month

Are you in the beginning stages of starting your business adventure? The Exploration Package creates a strong financial foundation for your business’s future, without breaking the bank. This package is best for companies with 50K – 500K in annual gross income.

Starting at $2,150/Month

The Expedition Package is best for midsize businesses with 500k-10MM in annual revenue. This inclusive accounting package gives detailed attention to all accounting needs, while also allowing for a lower price point.

Starting at $4,550/Month

The Everest Package provides the most elevated and inclusive level of service to support businesses with anywhere from 10-50 MM in annual revenue. Elevate’s hands-on financial support allows our clients to grow and maintain, without the cost of hiring in-house.

Entrepreneur analyzing financial report

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